Mechanical Engineering & Design

The ATC’s mechanical engineering work varies in scale from complete facility class instruments to a small subsystem structure or mechanism. We offer:

  • planning
  • development of specifications
  • contract management
  • design
  • performance analysis
  • construction
  • AIV
  • commissioning of complex optomechanical systems

Our specialist areas of engineering include:

  • high vacuum and cryogenic systems
  • precise and reliable cryogenic mechanisms
  • cryogenic mounting of optics

We also have extensive experience of designing and specifying large Telescope Systems such as structures and mirror support systems, as well as designing mechanisms and systems capable of withstanding the very high vibration loads associated with space craft launch.

We use state-of-the-art 3D CAD software for design, using a data management system which facilitates concurrent design with multiple engineers. Also integrated into the CAD package are mathematical spreadsheets and a FEA package which produce performance estimates and 'what if' analysis.

Thermal Analysis of KMOS

Mechanical Engineering & Design example

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