Optics & Opto-mechanics

Our expertise covers an amazing range of sizes of components – from 1mm in diameter, up to telescopes of 42 metres in diameter. The service we offer includes design, optimisation, analysis, production of detailed component specifications, procurement and testing.
We use a mixture of both established and innovative solutions to develop initial optical designs. We then produce detailed optical designs in collaboration with other engineering disciplines, particularly mechanical engineering.

Our optical design uses a number of software tools:

  • Zemax (for basic optical design and sequential ray tracing analysis)
  • TracePro (for non-sequential raytracing).
  • CodeV (sequential and non-sequential ray tracing)
  • ASAP (comprehensive optical modelling and analysis software)
  • GLAD (physical optics analysis)

We can also perform the analysis of optical systems including:

  • tolerancing
  • throughput
  • stray light analysis
  • ghost images

Our expertise also allows us to produce regular detailed component specifications for the procurement of optical components. From off-the shelf components from the major suppliers, right through to involvement in the development of new production methods for highly specific components.

As regards testing, we have access to a number of well-equipped labs which enable us to test components and subsystems. We also have experience in the design and set-up of new test facilities for very large optics.


Opto-mechanical analysis

Opto-mechanical analysis example

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