We have a longstanding involvement in space related projects spanning over 30 years. In addition to our experience in all the engineering disciplines mentioned above, we can also claim to have unique expertise in the additional requirements placed on instruments that have to survive the rigours of spacecraft launch and operation in the harsh environment of space.

Our mandate in this field is to design, build and qualify space based instruments for scientific missions, such as the optical design for a camera for the ISO (infrared space observatory) satellite where we supplied qualified lenses, filters, filter wheels and mounts.  We have also designed and qualified high reliability mechanisms, such as the beam steering mirror for SPIRE (a spectral and photometric imaging receiver) for the Herschel observatory.

Currently, we have a scientific lead for the mid infrared imager (MIRI) for the James Webb Space Telescope and have designed, built and tested the spectrometer pre-optics to Class 100 cleanliness levels. At all times, we maintain a technical expertise which includes ESA qualified soldering.

Satellite launch

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