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ATC Innovations offers a wide range of services, technologies and expertise to a variety of industrial partners based on the world leading capabilities of the UK Astronomy Technology Centre (UK ATC) in Edinburgh.

As the UK’s national facility for the design and production of world class astronomical technology, we design and build instruments for many of the world’s major telescopes and have a track record of working with such organisations as the European Space Agency, NASA and the European Southern Observatory. Our engineers and scientists are currently working on instruments for the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope at the Joint Astronomy Centre in Hawaii, the NASA and ESA James Webb Space Telescope and ESO's Cerro Paranal Observatory in Chile.

The UK ATC is part of the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC). A key objective of the STFC and the current Government is to maximise the economic impact of its scientific funding. This is done through offering our expertise to industry which simultaneously provides the UK tax-payer with the maximum exploitation and impact of publicly funded research and development.

As the commercial arm of the UK ATC, we also carry out commercialisation of our own technology which is also available to customers. This is done together with STFC Innovation Ltd., the wholly owned commercialisation company of the STFC. Although most of our experience comes from the astronomy field, our technology and expertise has been applied to several other industries and applications.

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