Software applications

As well as developing the embedded software for instrument control and data acquisition, the software group develops user interfaces and data processing software to turn complex data into images and spectra suitable for scientific analysis.

Data Processing

Data Pipelining & ALMA Heuristics. The ATC is also taking part in the development of reduction 'heuristics' to handle data from ALMA. At mm and sub-mm wavelengths the effects of the Earth’s atmosphere are likely to significantly corrupt the astronomical data. Therefore, the system must be able to correct bad data where possible, or flag it up where not. It must be able to generate the required data products automatically, whilst logging enough information to allow observers to trace and verify the reduction process.

Lastly, the reduction 'engine' must be flexible in use and easy to develop further in the light of experience from the working telescope.

The ATC's part in the work so far has been to develop the user interface and a framework for the reduction steps, and to develop algorithms to detect bad data. The latter is done by applying statistical tests to a range of 'views' of the complex dataset; some problems are subtle and only show up strongly in one 'view', for example in the calibration results for the antennas.

ALMA Observation Tool

User Interface: ALMA Observing Tool

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